A Shout Out for Jet Set Posters

Vintage Posters from jetsetposters.com

I would like to direct people to a small but brilliant collection of posters curated and sold by my friend, Nik Schulz. Nik is a graphic designer / illustrator here in San Francisco, and I ran in to him, of all places, and a design innovation awards ceremony hosted by Metropolis Magazine and Herman Miller. Nik’s work is really great on its own. He used to produce T-shirts of his graphic design as a side job, but he stopped a few years back. Now he’s making a run at selling a very low volume of absolutely precious posters. I chose one poster for the site that I particularly liked which depicts Paris at night with the Arc de Triumph at the center of the image. It’s one of those images that immediately transports me to a romanticized Paris where I’m Serge Gainsbourg in tight trousers sitting gracefully at a Champs Elysees cafe with a disheveled Brigit Bardot… You get the picture. I have never really understood how a certain font and an iconic image can transport me like this, but they do. So, have a look at Nik’s posters, especially if you are in the need of upgrading your poster art from a taped up Led Zepplin poster (I know you all can afford better!). Nik’s website is at www.jetsetposters.com.

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