66degrees.com Creates an Ambitious and Well Curated Collection.

That just about says it all. I urge readers at taking a look at 66 degrees’ collection of fine stuff. There are so many things I like about the concept that I’m going to leave this up to the reader to explore. I might as well tel you what my favorite piece is, though. It’s the Cracked Ice II, by Niki Kavakonis which is a gorgeous minimalist ring. But really want to see this company succeed, so I will tell you what I find wrong with the site as a way to help further their cause. First, the 66degrees logo does not have a strong brand presence. The name is great, but the logo is not well thought out or memorable. Also, using Flash for an e-commerce sight is not the best idea for a number of reasons. The most important reason would be the 66 degrees flash site only has one URL for every page. If I wanted to send a link on a particular product I could not send a direct link to that product. I would have to tell the person I’m sending the link to to go search for the product. This is a highly inconvenient way of leading the customers through the buying process. Still, it’s a great start, and I wish them luck.

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