1 Year Ago at Design Crack: Riddled by Steven Holl

Riddled by Steven Holl

From time to time, I like to pull out pieces from the archives that I’ve found particularly beautiful. This is one of my favorites from December 2006. Enjoy!

Horm is unlike any furniture company I know of. This company has hired a gaggle of famous architects as their designers. One piece I love is Steven Holl’s table. I’m a “star”-chitecture fanatic who has visited a number of Holl’s American buildings and observed his work with jaw-dropping awe. Now, I have an opportunity to own a piece from the hands of this master. I don’t know how to describe this piece except to say it’s very Hollian. More specifically, this work adds a third dimension to the early experimental watercolors of Holl. This piece also smacks of a Mad Max movie.

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